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Tobi Couture - artist's statement

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”       ―      Marcel Proust

Time is a funny thing.  Does the past really just exist in our own minds?  Ask someone who went through the same experience you did (or so you thought).  It doesn't have to take away from your own nostalgia.  You might remember big family gatherings or more formal events - weddings, group portraits...  Sometimes we recall only the highlight reel - all warm glow and sun and sand and water. Maybe you remember the smokiness of that one relative's house with your uncle planted in that green lounge chair.  At other times the event is a collective memory - like that time your downtown burned to the ground!  

My paintings describe a certain moment in time, maybe via the detritus of a party from the night before or some sketchy memory, now just a blurry event from years past.  I don't believe something has to be an exact representation in order to evoke a certain feeling.  Even though these paintings mostly come from my own past, my hope is that you see something or someone from your own past peeking through to give you a little wave.  Enjoy!

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